Sometimes life hands you lemons.

But they’re not even good lemons. 
They’re like… rotten and moldy and gross.



Sometimes life hands you lemons, but you still can’t make lemonade. And there is only one thing you can say to someone who has been handed crappy lemons…



If it’s one of those days for someone you love, you’re in the right place, m’dear. 
We have everything you need to tell someone:

Today SUCKS, and I’m sorry!

I hope things get better soon, but until then, it’s OK to feel the SUCKS.

I love you even though things SUCK right now!

Comfort Gifts

Our comfort gifts are designed for a chuckle or a good cry. So, no matter what kind of support your loved ones need, Today May Suck has the perfect gift for them.


What Others Are Saying…

A happy recipient! I received the following note from my friend, THANK YOU for doing what you do!

“You are so kind to send me such a fun gift to lift my spirits. I appreciate your friendship and insight so much. The package couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I sat and cried for a few quiet moments, but then I felt so much better to know that I wasn’t alone. Thank you for the note and your encouragement too!”




If you’re anything like me, you might stammer for words or make a highly inappropriate joke (that’s just the way I deal with hard times!) when a friend is having a hard time. You might not know the right thing to say or do. Sure, you mean well, but how do you communicate that? You want to erase their pain, make them laugh or make it better ­ but you know that nothing you can possibly do is going to make their pain go away.


The Blog

Here you will find stories of inspiration, motivation, laughter and love. Throw in a recipe or two along with some good advice and it will be like we are old friends sitting at the kitchen table sharing a cup of a coffee.